Youth Ministry


To offer opportunities for the youth of our parish to gather in a healthy, appropriate venue to deepen their faith, meet new people, and develop new friendships.  The goal is to empower our young people to live as Disciples of Christ, encourage an active participation in the life and work of our parish community and to foster spiritual and personal growth of all members.

Our financial policy for events, retreats and other activities that require a fee is that attending should not cause a financial hardship for a family nor exclude anyone.

 If there is a need please contact Ken Marquard.

Listed Below are Our Faith-Filled and Caring Volunteers. They have a combined 157 years working with young people.

George Hancy
Donna Busser
Beth Carleton
Lisa Fusco
Renee Rawlings
Michelle Kellicker
Mary Ellen Vontorcik
Robert Pickett
Rodney Collins
Marge Kaminski

Our Student Leadership Team

Patrick Kasper S.E.H.S.
Jerry Jansen S.E.H.S.
Callahan Hickey N.O.H.S.
Alison Bussman N.O.H.S.


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