Newly Ordained and Fr. Murray Scholarship


This scholarship fund was established a year ago at the Red & White Gala, the
major fundraiser for our school. We honored the work and contribution that our
very own, Fr. Connie Murray, has made to Catholic education over the years,
especially here at St. Brendan Parish. Thank you so much for your generosity to
the Fr. Murray Scholarship Fund. This is the first year that this scholarship has
been made available to our parish school. Because of individual parishioner
donations, the parish collection envelop entitled with the name of this scholarship,
and even through memorial contributions we have raised over $8,000.00. This
money is reserved for overall tuition assistance. Again, thank you for your
generosity and support of the mission and ministry of our parish school and the
children entrusted to our care.

I spoke with Fr. Ryan this past week. He was ordained to the priesthood for the
Society of Jesus (Jesuits) last weekend. I asked him to give me some background
on himself and future aspirations as he looks ahead. This is what he wrote:
I graduated from St. Brendan School in 1994, then attended St. Ignatius High
School, Canisius College, and John Carroll University before entering the Society
of Jesus in 2004. I then went to Fordham to study philosophy, taught at the
University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy, and studied theology at
Boston College. Presently, I am working on a PhD in theology at Boston College.
I am especially grateful for the prayers and support of St. Brendan Parish. The
seed of my vocation was planted by the positive experiences I had at the parish,
especially as an altar server working with Monsignor Corrigan and Father
Murray and Father Stephen Moran.

From what I understand, Fr. Ryan is also very good on the tin whistle – we’re
talking, Severance Hall Good! Congratulations to Fr. Ryan and his family. We
will have a Mass of Thanksgiving with Fr. Ryan on Saturday, June 27, at the
5:00 P.M. Mass. Fr. Ryan will be the main celebrant and homilist. All are
welcome, please come and join in the celebration.

Peace, Fr. Tom

“The Priest is not an angel sent from heaven; he is a
man chosen from among men, and a member of the
Church, a Christian. Remaining human and
Christian, he begins to speak to you the Word of God.
This Word is not his own. No, he comes to you
because God has told him to proclaim God’s Word.
Perhaps he has not entirely understood it himself.
Perhaps he adulterates it. But he believes; and
despite his fears, he knows that he must communicate
God’s Word to you. For must not some of us say
something about God, about eternal life . . . Must not
some of us speak of sin and the love and mercy of
God? So, dear friends, pray for him. Carry him, so
that he might be able to sustain others by bringing
them the mystery of God’s love, revealed in Jesus
 – Karl Rahner SJ