Encountering Christ Together


This year will mark special events throughout the months beginning on May 17, the Feast of St. Brendan.  To any alumni from our school, past teachers, or past parishioners, whom we have unfortunately lost contact, please consider this an invitation to come and be part of it all.  We would hope that you would join us and be part of the festivities.

Our theme this year is: Encountering Christ Together.

It is a theme that addresses our current Pope’s vision for the Church that he has taken up that began with his two predecessors.  The vision is Evangelization.  This has always been part of the mission of the Church.  Pope Francis has called for us to respond with our Baptismal courage to proclaim the Gospel with joy.  When others hear this Gospel and when others see our joy, it may awaken within them an encounter with the Lord.  When we encounter Him, when we recognize Him, we can never be the same.  Please refer to this website for events to attend marking this great year.