Encountering Christ through The Spiritual Exercises


Encountering Christ Together by Encounter Christ in Prayer…one way that we will make our parish theme for the 50th Anniversary come alive is to encourage every parishioner to go on retreat this year.  Opportunities are all around.

The retreat experience that we will coordinate at the parish involves the “Spiritual Exercises” of St. Ignatius of Loyola. There will actually be several opportunities over the course of the year to participate.  The parish staff will be the initial facilitators of these small groups of about 6-8 parishioners.   The “Spiritual Exercises” focus on encountering Christ through prayer, scripture, and reflection.  If you have a hunger to come closer to Christ, to learn more or even grow more in prayer, if you think that you are not holy or just too busy, well then, this experience is exactly for you.

It will happen over the course of eight weeks.  After those eight weeks are complete, our facilitators will start up a new group of parishioners to lead them through the prayer experiences.  This will be a prayerful way to encounter Christ together.  Sign-ups begin in May, call the parish office for more information.  (440-777-7222)