What a wonderful day it was on March 17. Many were here for 9:00 A.M. Mass.
The presence of Fr. Murray made the day even more special, thanks to Sr. Mary
Ann. It was great that they were here to join in the festivities.
Thank you to all our bakers for bringing in their Irish Soda Bread for all to share.
It was great to see so many faces join in on our continental breakfast. We had
plenty to eat and just enough hot coffee and tea to warm us up before being bussed
to the parade downtown. Thanks also to Ken Marquard for coordinating the
kitchen along with many volunteers. Not only was breakfast good but the
sandwiches and hot dogs on our return from the parade rounded off the day.
This year many of our school children formed a Pom Pom Squad. They have been
practicing for several months for their big St. Patrick’s Day Parade moment. They
did a great job and even had coverage on Channel 5 News. Thank you to the kids
for braving the cold and thank you to the parents for directing them: Sara
Wheeler, Elise Bastian, Gina Coyle and Katherine Petrilla, along with many others
who joined in the marching.
We also had our float in the parade this year as well, a replica of St. Brendan
Church in Clonfert, Ireland where St. Brendan himself is buried. Thank you to
Rob Petrilla, Ted Bastian, and Tom Schlund for organizing it and driving it safely
to and from.
At the end of the day and reflecting on it all, I believe that we captured the true
spirit of St. Patrick whose legacy of ministry was passed on to St. Brendan.
St. Patrick being a true Apostle, Missionary, and Evangelist offered his
relationship with Christ to others. It was this relationship that helped him to
experience a sense of joy and peace along with guidance and direction. It was his
encounter with the Lord that brought him hope especially in dark and dismal times,
and it helped him to believe in a love that enlightened his life. Patrick offered this
experience to others, and for the people of Ireland, it has made all the difference to
this very day.
In the way we pray together especially at Mass, in the way we each take up the
role of being hospitable and welcoming, in the way we appreciate each other’s
presence, and do all this with a spirit of serving makes us Apostles (which means
“sent out with a mission”), Missionaries, and Evangelists. We, too, have a
relationship with Christ that should be shared with others. The best way to share
it? Do it with joy.
Fr. Tom